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Register your application now to join the next intake which will be in July for an August start. Once your application is received you'll receive details of the next intake. There is no obligation to join once registered, 

Expansion happens when we surround ourselves with expansive people and expansive conversations!

Are you ready to thrive? 

If you're ambitious, have big scary dreams and want to surround yourself with elevated like-minded women who want to level up while feeling supported, celebrated and encouraged, then you're in the right place. 

Next Level Business Mastermind is where we'll elevate your mindset, leadership, energy, self worth and ability to execute in a whole new way. 

Over 6 months, we'll journey together as we navigate the highs and lows of business, while striving to achieve next level goals! 

We were not meant to do business alone.

We're stronger together!

We're more capable of thriving when we're surrounded by friends that guide us and encourage us to succeed. 

What's your mission? What were you put on this planet to experience and share? 

It's time to step forward into that mission. 

Let do this!



Plus it's more fun and a hell of a lot more fulfilling when you have a circle of friends to support you, cheer you on and pick you up when you're doubting yourself. 

I have had the most expansive ideas when masterminding with others and the space I'm creating for you here is all about connection, expansion, passion and fulfilment. 

This is more than just a Mastermind. 

Traditionally, masterminds are about bringing people together to brainstorm and support each other, which is empowering, but I want to support you to grow, celebrate and thrive into your next level over the next 6 months, which is why I'm creating experiences and levelling up your mindset with my 5 to Thrive Method. 

With access to me with personalised coaching sessions, live group coaching and themed months of lessons to support your uplevel this soul nourishing container will guide you, challenge you and elevate your worth, mindset and belief in what's possible. 

The most magical moments have come from being connected and cheering each other on. This container is such a supportive and uplifting group of women and I can't wait for you to be a part of it. 


  • Having influence with your audience, your clients and your team. 
  • Self Leadership
  • Prioritising CEO behaviours and activities
  • Increasing your visibility 
  • Thriving in your zone of genius 80% of the time
  • Clear vision and direction


  • Feeling fulfilled within your purpose and business mission.
  • Aligning your business with your values
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset 
  • Healing self sabotaging behaviours 
  • Elevating above Impostor Syndrome


  • Owning your worth
  • Believing in the value you have to offer
  • Confidence in self promotion & sales
  • Elevating your money attraction through worth
  • Positive relationship with money
  • New Wealth Identity 


  • Vibration & Manifestation
  • Inner work & your energetic alignment
  • Supporting your health & vitality
  • Motivating yourself to show up with energy in your business
  • Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies in your business to prevent burnout.
  • Wealth & Success Embodiment 


  • Massive Aligned Action
  • Sharing your message clearly with your Dream Clients
  • Ability to manage your time & produce results 
  • Clear boundaries in place to protect your time and energy 
  • Priortizing execution of ideas and growth focused activities 

Ready to Thrive?

I’m passionate about bringing women together to have expansive conversations, to support each other and cheer each other on in business and most importantly, to help you thrive. It’s my mission to help more women make more money because I know this will make the world a better place. 

 So if you want to grow, succeed and have more freedom with your time and your finances I want to invite you to be a part of


 Business Mastery at it's best with guest speakers and deep dive sessions in all areas of Leadership, Mindset, Worth, Energy and Execution. 

You’ve already achieved so much on your own, imagine what could be possible if you expanded your circle of influence!


Next Level Mastermind is about learning, growing and thriving together.


Here's what's included:


One in SEPTEMBER to keep you focused and motivated for the remainder of the year. Another in the New Year in  JANUARY to set you up for a massive 2024.

These powerhouse clarity days will have feeling motivated and excited for your business growth!  The day will include a delicious lunch, connection time with your mastermind friends and planning time. You'll hear from guest speakers, and get to brainstorm and mastermind. 



Time to clink those glasses and celebrate with each other. Over the 6 months we'll get together for two Dinners in Brisbane to celebrate our growth over delicious food, wine, and uplifting conversations.


(Value $990)

Included in the Mastermind you'll also have a 2 private 1-1 Coaching calls with Christine so we can deep dive on your business and shift any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We'll do a kick off call in the first month and half way through the 6 month journey to work through any mindset blocks or fears. 


(Value $550)

Sometimes shit hits the fan and you need to talk to someone quickly to deal with the problem. Don't wait for the next session to ask your questions, book a 30 minute Problem Solving call within 24hours. 


Each month we'll go live Twice in our own private zoom room. Session 1 for the month will be themed on a 5 to Thrive area with deep dive sessions and healings. Our second call will be all about you and your growth with live coaching, Q & A and breakout breakthrough sessions. 

Live calls will be Monday Afternoons and Thursday afternoons and will be recorded and uploaded to your private portal. All dates will given to you upon sign up and you can see more in the FAQ at the bottom of this page. 


Get access to powerhouse Masterclasses live throughout the mastermind with guest experts to help you up level in your marketing, sales, spirituality, astrology and messaging. Plus get access to a back catalogue of guest masterclasses and tools and visualisations from Christine.



Each month will be themed for you to take your business to the next level with your Leadership, Mindset, Self Worth/Money, Energy and Execution with in depth sessions and bonus videos for your expansion.



The power of your network is everything! So in between our calls you can stay connected on Voxer with everyone, ask questions, get support and stay on track with your goals! (So much better than a FB group)


There always comes a time in business when you need money fast, this 7 day mini course will give you the mindset and the strategies to bring more money into your business quickly. #nomorerollercoasterincome

Two of my biggest values are growth and connection...

I’m always putting myself in rooms and circles with people who will challenge my thinking and call me forward to grow and expand. 

When I've invested in the past, I've invested upwards of 8k to 12,000 for 6 month masterminds and it has been worth every penny.

From the connections and collaborations I’ve made, the support I've gotten to get through hard times, and ideas to grow my business -  I wouldn’t be where I am today without these containers. 

Join the Next Level Mastermind!


Next round starts in August and finishes end of January 2024 for our six month journey.

Start the new year off strong and let's smash your next level goals to make this year your best year in business yet!

Why not add The Thrive Retreat onto the Mastermind? 

Join us for a transformational 3 day Retreat in Noosa and get out of your office and into an expansive space to reconnect and recharge your energy for your business. 

You can add the Retreat onto the Mastermind and recieve a special price if you pay upfront or pay it off over 6 months to make it easier for your cashflow. 

You can choose between  October 2023 dates or 2024 dates.

Trust me, your future self will thank you! 

Apply to join The Next Level Mastermind

Register your application now to join the next intake.  There is no obligation to join once registered, 

Still unsure?

That's OK. Book a quick call with me and let's see if Next Level Mastermind is going to be a good fit for you. :) 

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Brodi- Rose

Graphic Design Creator

This Mastermind came at the perfect time and has been everything I've needed and more. I love how we're all so open and vulnerable and it feels so comforting to know I have an epic group of women supporting me because business can get lonely. 

Suki, VK

Competition Marketing Expert

The Next Level Mastermind has really been about connection with like-minded and like-hearted business owners to help support me and keep me accountable as I work towards bigger goals! It has helped me to be vulnerable and ask for help when I need it instead of struggling on with my problems alone.



Change Management Mentor

“Working with Christine exceeded my expectations.  I have an MBA and I've been in therapy and I got more from these sessions than those two things combined!- “


I'm Christine

Your Business Mindset Master Coach

I'll be your host and transformation specialist for the next 6 months! 

I'm obsessed with seeing women succeed in business and I'm passionate about you blowing your own mind of what's possible. 

As a Qualified Leadership and Business Coach, I love shifting your perspective from doubt and fear to clarity and confidence.

I honestly believe you're capable of BIG things and let's be real, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to believing in ourselves, so let me uplift and support you so you can prove to yourself and everyone else what you're capable of. 

So the only question is, are you ready to thrive?

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