You're invited to join us for the Thrive Retreat 

October 25th - 27th 2024

Byron Hinterland, NSW

HOSTED BY Christine Corcoran

Take me away

The Ultimate Business Mindset Retreat for Women!

The Perfect blend of business coaching, relaxation,  realigning your goals and vision, ensuring you return to your business with renewed vitality and unstoppable momentum.


Hey Lovely! I'm so glad you're here - this must mean you're ready for a business uplevel! Running a successful business can be incredibly challenging, and I see you - working your butt off for little appreciation. Business can be all-consuming, leaving little time for yourself and to work on GROWING your business. That's why I've designed this retreat to help you take a step back, gain clarity, and come back to your business with renewed energy, focus and a clear plan to level up your results for the remainder of 2024(in fact: I’ve been told the up-level even happens from the moment my clients book in).

 With Mastermind sessions and business hot seats where you get fresh eyes on your biggest business challenges, you no longer have to figure it all out on your own. Expect to walk away feeling so energised that you can't wait to take action and implement everything you’ve learnt. 

We'll explore how you can work smarter, not harder, and reset your energy with some powerful mindset processes to unlock more confidence and expand your capacity for more abundance and success. Sound good?


Have you ever returned from an event feeling so inspired and motivated in your business that you couldn't wait to dive back in and take action? That's the power of immersion and focused dedication, and that's exactly what you'll experience at the upcoming Thrive Retreat.

Picture this: a few days of dedicated time to work on the GROWTH of your business, powerhouse conversations, connecting with other women who are doing amazing things, and focused time to work on yourself.

With a blend of business and relaxation, you'll take some much needed time out and be able to reset and recharge so the remainder of the year feels easy. Over this long weekend, we'll ceremony together and explore how you can scale and grow your business with new growth strategies, and gain much needed clarity. Plus the business connections, ideas, and answers that come from the conversations over the entire weekend will be absolutely priceless.

It's incredible how much clarity and momentum can come from just a short retreat like this. 

You'll walk away with a detailed Business Supercharged Plan to implement into your business once you return home!

Join us for the ultimate business mindset retreat for women on the NSW coast and discover the power of what mindset and strategy blended into one magical weekend, can do for your business!


There are always TWO BIG REASONS why Business Retreats are so powerful and expansive!

1. You step outside your ENVIRONMENT and into the luxury Stonehill Estate where you'll get to immerse yourself in three powerhouse days of working on the GROWTH of your business! Where else would you get such valuable distraction free time?!

2. The CONNECTIONS and CONVERSATIONS with other women in business change the way you think and feel about yourself and your business! The conversations in these spaces HIT differently. It opens up your mind to what's possible and expands you in ways you never thought possible.

Join an incredible group of big-thinking, leading business women as we level up our businesses and continue to THRIVE!

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Get ready for a relaxing yet expansive weekend... here's what to expect.


Powerful Business Workshops 

Christine, your host for the weekend, will be facilitating powerful business workshops exploring the specific challenges impacting your ability to scale.

We'll explore:






We'll explore your upper limits, your business values and reset your mindset for growth and expansion so it can positively impact your business growth. 

Think powerful mindset processes, leadership embodiment practices and guided visualisations to have you floating back into your business motivated, inspired and ready to take massive action. 

Mastermind Sessions

Our mastermind sessions on day three will allow you to have coaching on the specific challenges you're experiencing in your business and give you the clarity, confidence and solutions you need to move forward. 

Gentle Yoga Flow 

Our in house yoga instructor will be joining us to begin our Saturday morning with a gentle yoga flow to wake up our bodies and restore our energy for an enjoyable day.

Clay Experience

Our resident clay magician, Asja will be getting our hands dirty as she guides us through a mindfulness clay experience,  where you'll get to make your own piece of pottery to take home and remember your retreat experience. 

Delicious Food to Nourish Your Soul

Our in house chef will provide all meals, snacks and drinks with a delicious vegetarian menu designed to nurture and nourish you so you feel at ease and energised throughout the weekend. 

Recovery Space

If you are in need of rejuvenation and revival of both mind and body, the exclusive recovery space complete with a hot tub, sauna, and ice bath can be yours to use during your stay. 

Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony

As part of our welcome ceremony, we'll be opening our hearts with Ceremonial Cacao around the fire fit to ground our energy and set our intentions for a powerful and restorative weekend. 

Time to get away and recharge at StoneHill Estate


Your All Inclusive Package Includes: 

  • 2 nights accommodation in your the luxurious Stonehill Estate House
  • All food and beverages¬†included including 2 dinners & wine, 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, snacks and drinks throughout the day.¬†
  • We'll be enjoying a nourishing vegetarian menu made with nutritious whole foods prepared in house by our chef Asja.
  • In house 1¬†hour Gentle Yoga flow Class (designed for all levels of ability)¬†
  • Mindfulness Clay Activity where you'll get to make your own piece of pottery to take home and remember your retreat experience.¬†
  • Access to the Recovery Centre of Sauna, Spa, and Cold plunge.
  • Hot seat coaching to get personalised attention on your business growth¬†
  • 5 business sessions¬† with your Business Coach, Christine Corcoran.
  • Connection time with like-minded women
  • Powerful Mindset Processes designed to help you step into the next level version of yourself so you can reach your fullest potential.
  • 90 Minute virtual integration call with the group four weeks after the retreat¬†to ensure you are integrating everything we covered over the weekend and to gain any further support.¬†


After the retreat, we don’t just send you off into the world, a few weeks later, we’ll jump on a 90 minute Retreat Integration online call to further integrate the learnings and processes so you can embody everything you’ve learnt at the retreat into your life and business

Don't wait any longer to invest in yourself and your business. Join us for the ultimate business mindset retreat for women and discover the power of mindset and strategy blended into one magical weekend.

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I'm Christine

Your Business Mindset Master Coach

I'll be your host and transformation specialist for the weekend. 

I'm obsessed with seeing women succeed in business! I've helped countless clients sell out their programs and workshops, raise their prices with confidence and 6 times their businesses in less than 12 months. 

As a Qualified Leadership and Business Coach, I love shifting your perspective from doubt and fear to clarity and confidence.

I use a myriad of mindset modalities and tools to get to the root cause of what's holding you back and shift it on a cellular level so you can step in your unstoppable confidence and create the next level business of your dreams.

I know it may seem impossible to think you can work on your mindset and it shift everything in your business, but I'm here to tell you I've witnessed the impact this work can have time and time again.

Not only have I gone from being stuck on an income roller coaster, to believing so whole-heartedly in my worth that I tripled my income in 12 months, but I've also helped so many of my clients do the same. 

So the only question is, are you ready to thrive?


Limited spots available

Plus if you book before 30th June you'll access to these two bonuses! (Valued at over $1500) 


 BONUS #1:


  • 30 Bite-Sized Audios to elevate your money mindset¬†
  • Abundance Workbook to do the deep work of transformation
  • Bonus Meditations and Visualisations to elevate your money beliefs to a wealthy mindset

Valued at $555


1-1 Private Sales Strategy Call with Christine 

 Bonus 60Minute Sales Strategy Call claimable upon sign up so you can upgrade your sales strategy now and start making more money in your business!

Valued at $750


 2 Room types to choose from..

Shared Room (Twin) with Ensuite

$2200 incl GST

  • 2 Nights Accommodation¬† Private Room with King or Queen Bed with private bathroom
  • All food & Beverages¬†throughout the weekend
  • Mindfulness Clay Experience with Asja
  • Access to the Recovery Centre
  • 60 Minute Gentle Yoga Class
  • 5 Business Sessions with Christine
  • 90 Minute Integration Call Post Retreat
Pay In Full
Shared Room 5 Monthly Payments of $455 incl GST

Private Room with Ensuite 

$2700 incl GST 

  • 2 Nights Accommodation¬†Private Room
  • All food & Beverages¬†throughout the weekend
  • 60 Minute Gentle Yoga Class
  • Access to the Recovery Centre
  • 5 Business Sessions with Christine
  • Mindfulness Clay Experience with Asja
  • 90 Minute Integration Call Post Retreat
Pay in Full
Private Room 5 Monthly Payments of $555 incl GST

Suki, Van K - Competition Expert

My favourite part of this weekend was the clear amount of thought that went into absolutely everything. I loved how curated it was with the group of amazing women, the structure of the days, and planning of a million dollar business and the variety of activities. 

If you're considering attending this retreat don't even hesitate to book it right now!

I've never ever regretted a single cent I've spent with Christine. I've only ever become bigger, and richer from my work with Christine.

This retreat has made the biggest impact. 

Danni, V - Body & Mindset Mentor

I loved the connection and the supportive space that was created to be vulnerable. I also loved the clarity on how to create expansion. 
Thank you for an incredible experience.You are truly amazing Christine. 

If you're thinking about doing this retreat, Fucking Do it! You'll not only discover your true authentic self and your purpose, you'll embody it!

Allysha, OBM 


The balance of work and fun was the best part. Trying new things that previously would have been daunting like yoga and clay work. The clay was SO GOOD. Being open and vulnerable with everyone.  I'll remember the clarity and ideas that happened and the relaxation too. 

I'll see you at the next one because I want to it again! It was phenomenal!

Kirsty, Ecommerce VA Agency Owner

I loved EVERYTHING. The balance of work and play, the food was AMAZING, and I now feel clear and relaxed. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the supportive space! I'll remember the connections and the changes in myself, of stepping into me, the most. 

If you're thinking about attending the next Retreat, OMG Do it! Don't even hesitate!

Morgan, Beauty Salon Owner

My favourite part of the Retreat was the space you created to share, laugh and cry. The food was soul nourishing, the location was relaxed and peaceful, and I loved the girls. 

The laughs, connections, feelings of success, calm and power, and I now have the confidence, knowing I've got this. 

It's been the absolute best time thank you so much! xoxo

Sarah, HR Agency Owner

I loved the planned mix of business, personal and fun time and not having to think about what is next in the day because it's all planned for us. The dedicated time to work on the business and smash through some limiting beliefs was the best. If you're considering attending a retreat with Christine it's 100% worth the time and financial investment! Do it!

Nataliegh, Digital Marketing Manager

What was there not to like? Incredible people, amazing food and we all gained so much for ourselves, plus the pampering, clay play and laughs were a bonus for me.  I'll remember the encouragement and positivity from each and every person. 

If you are lost and want clarity - do it! Thank you! 

Ready to expand with ease and flow?

It's time to drop the hustle and start thriving!


 It's amazing what we can cover in three days. With in depth business sessions, powerful mindset processes expect to walk away feeling confident and clear on your next steps and have a details business thrive plan to work on when you get home.

You’re not meant to do business alone. Let's do this together!

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