Ditch your money mindset woes and supercharge your business now.

No more inconsistent months of income and wondering where your next client is going to come from.

Ready to supercharge your business?

The way you think and feel about money can affect how you charge, how you sell yourself and how you receive income into your business. 

This encompasses our MONEY MINDSET, and when we shift from scarcity to an abundant mindset we develop an understanding that money is an energy that we must master in order to serve more people and be successful.

Not sure if you need to improve your MONEY MINDSET? 


You pump yourself up to quote a new client and end up discounting or offering free services just so they won't turn you down.

You feel icky talking about money and avoid the topic with clients, and you just wish it was easier. You open up your internet banking and cringe, you feel like money is always on your mind stressing about how you're going to make ends meet.

You avoid looking at your numbers and just hope, wish and pray it will all work out.

You want to celebrate other peoples successes but find yourself stuck in comparison instead, wondering when will it finally be your turn?

It can seem like your competition is flashing their success around and they make it look so easy, like there's some secret you're just not privy to. You want your business to thrive because you love what you do, but worry you're never going to get ahead.

You swing between being all in on your goals, excited and motivated, to treating your business like a hobby and getting stuck in procrastination and doubt.

If this is resonating, then you're in good company, you sound like every woman in business I've ever worked with.


Your takeaways from this guide:

▪️Start attracting the income you desire

▪️Shift from scarcity to wealth mindset 

▪️Sell yourself with confidence

▪️Believe in the value you have to offer

▪️Improve your relationship with money

▪️Adopt positive habits with money

▪️Stop blocking your abundance

You'll also get access to my MONEY REWIRING AUDIO to help to rewire your mindset for abundance while you sleep!

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Andrea, P

Breaking through money mindset hurdles and re-framing my perspective with money was my biggest takeaway!!! It seemed such a simple share from Christine but the impact has been profound!! I have done extensive hypnosis work, visualisations, coaching and tapping in an attempt to bring more peace and excitement around money, yet a few short sentences was more impactful than the whole other work combined!!

Hi I'm Christine Corcoran


These are the shifts I've used to go from inconsistent income to being fully booked with dream clients & making consistent 5 figure months, which I now use to help my clients do the same. 


As a Business Mindset Coach, I specialise in helping heart centred women in business overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so they can up level their mindset and create the business that they're proud of. 

I'm a Qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Behavioural Profiler, mBit Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Leadership & Executive Business Coach and I'm passionate about seeing people succeed, reaching their fullest potential and creating an amazing business doing what they love!

I've traveled the world visiting more than 50+ countries and have worked in multiple different careers such as Sales, Marketing, Retail, Customer Service, Travel and the beauty industry! 

I now call Brisbane, Australia home where I have created an incredible network of beautiful boss babes who love what they do and continue to strive for greatness!